Oxidized Fish Oil and High-Dose Vitamin E., Study

The purpose of this study was to explain the consequences of oxidized dietary fats and a high dosage of VE (vitamin E.) had on the growth performance and immune-responses of big saltwater yellow croaker. Scientists fed immature fish a diet which contained either fresh fish oil (FO) or oxidized FO of varying degrees, either with or void of VE/kg diet. The trial lasted for the duration of 10 weeks, conducted in floating cages.

In the fish that were fed the oxidized diet, growth overall was considerably lower and the feed consumption was higher. Fish fed on an oxidized diet with vitamin E. supplementation saw an increase in the growth of those fish. However, there was substantial decrease in the growth of those fish which fed on only a fresh diet.

A high dose of Vitamin E., supplementation alleviates oxidative-stress in big saltwater yellow croaker fish fed on oxidized FO. However, it exerts harmful effects on the fish where oxidative stress is nonexistent.


Effects of oxidised dietary fish oil and high-dose vitamin E supplementation on growth performance, feed utilisation and antioxidant defence enzyme activities of juvenile large yellow croaker (Larmichthys crocea).


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