Fish Oil-Based Fat-Emulsion Reduces Kidney Damage

AKI, or Acute Kidney Injury is an all too common complication in blood poisoning or septicemia (sepsis). The aim of this scientific study was to compare the effects of fish oil (FO)-based with a blend of mixed oil-fat emulsion on remote renal damage. The testing was conducted on lab mice (antibiotic-treated septic murine model). The mice were assigned to four separate groups, one normal control (NC) and three other septic (infected) groups. Scientists induced sepsis by way of puncture (CLP) and cecal ligation.

The antibiotic was introduced using Intraperitoneal injection, or intraperitoneally (IP) after CLP. This continued on a daily basis until it was time to sacrifice the mice. Here's how it went:

  • One septic group injected IP 3 hrs. after antibiotic treatment with a fish oil (FO)-based emulsion.
  • The two groups received either MO (mixed oil emulsion) or saline (SC).
  • Septic groups were then split into two separate time-groups

The researchers collected samples from the kidneys and blood at 24 or 72 hr. post-CLP.

The results were interesting.  They suggest that the administration of a FO-based emulsion can have a favorable effect, maintain blood T-cell percentage, down regulate Treg-expression, attenuate local inflammation and chronic systemic inflammation (SI), and offer renal protection under conditions whereby polymicrobial-sepsis is antibiotic-treated.


Fish Oil-Based Fat Emulsion Reduces Acute Kidney Injury and Inflammatory Response in Antibiotic-Treated Polymicrobial Septic Mice.

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