Omega-3 LCPUFA Supplements to Prevent Oxidative Stress

The research into fish-oil (FO) supplementation and oxidative damage is not without its controversy. The purpose of this trial was an attempt to explore this uncertainty as a way to better explain FO's role as a modulator of oxidative-stress. There was a particular need to explain this with regard to postnatal life and during gestation. Here's how the testing was conducted:

  • A total of 110 pregnant women got divided into two groups (control and supplemented)
  • Control group CT (400 mL/day of dairy drink)
  • Supplemented group FO (400 mL/day FO-enriched dairy drink (±400-mg EPA-DHA/day))

Scientists determined various biomarkers of oxidative damage in three stages:

  • At mothers at enrolment
  • At delivery
  • At 2.5 and four months post-delivery

The newborns were then examined at delivery and then again at 2.5 months post-delivery.

The conclusion was that fish oil supplementation seemed to prevent oxidative stress in the mother and newborn child during those first months of postpartum life. This shows the potential of supplementation as a preventive nutritious strategy.  There's a potential to prevent functional alterations that are linked with oxidative stress.


Omega-3 LCPUFA supplement: a nutritional strategy to prevent maternal and neonatal oxidative stress.

Kajarabille N, Hurtado JA, Peña-Quintana L, Peña M, Ruiz J8, Diaz-Castro J, Rodríguez-Santana Y, Martin-Alvarez E, López-Frias M, Soldado O, Lara-Villoslada F, Ochoa JJ.

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