How Safe Is Krill Oil for Children?

Parents who have benefited from krill oil supplements are often keen to get their children taking it too. The question they will want answering is how safe is krill oil for their kids? The answer is that it's perfectly safe to take for healthy children. If you're not convinced, talk to the family doctor to get a little reassurance. From what we know, taking omega-3 supplements like krill oil can prove to be especially valuable for certain kids.

In the five minute video below, health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about how krill oil can benefit children, and what it does to help strengthen their immune system.

Purdue University Research

Researchers at Purdue University, USA, discovered something important in boys between ages 6-12 who had behavioral or learning difficulties. This 1996 study found that these boys all had one thing in common; low blood levels of omega-3s and phospholipids (a class of lipids). For whatever reason there seems to be a huge rise in conditions like ADD and ADHD in children. If poor diet has caused, or at least contributed toward these, then it makes sense to suggest a balanced and nutritious diet can help to redress some of the problems. What we know is that the typical diet of today is a far cry from the way we ate just a couple of generations ago. A lot of health conditions we suffer with in the twenty-first century were extremely rare before we went low-fat and high carb.

In the year 2000, Alex Richardson led an Oxford research team to look at 41 British youngsters between the ages of 8-12 years old. They all displayed symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). After just 12 weeks of taking omega-3 fatty acids, the group exhibited big improvements. The conclusion was that these results suggest a definite relationship between brain health and the levels of fatty acids in the system. Krill oil also contains choline infused phospholipids. These are what help your brain to build acetylcholine (the chief neurotransmitter). Acetylcholine transmits electrical signals from your nerve cells. Choline is crucial for memory function, various other brain tasks and for muscle control.

Krill Oil Just for Kids

You will find that some krill manufacturers make krill oil supplements specifically for kids. The reason for this is to make them more palatable and take away the “medical” aspect. You can find them in a nice sweet orange flavor that is easy to blend into other juices or plain water. This approach is much better than trying to get the kids to take soft-gel pills every day.

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