Cholesterol seems to be a dirty word.  Doctors tell us we need to lower our cholesterol levels.  They’ll tell you that “cholesterol will block your arteries and cause a heart attack!”, and “Don’t eat food high in cholesterol”.

Doctors came to the conclusion that cholesterol was bad for you after seeing fatty deposits in arteries of people that died of heart disease.  But maybe that is like blaming firemen for fires?  I mean they are always at the scene ;)

But, did you know that up to 50% of people who have a heart attack have low cholesterol?

Did you know that some cholesterol is good for you?

Did you know that some of the cholesterol that doctors tell you is bad for you , is not?  The tests that doctors routinely carry out do not give enough information to know whether there is any health risk to yourself.

The truth is, out bodies actually need cholesterol and healthy fats to thrive.  This section of the site looks at how krill & fish oils can help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in your body.