Molecular Impact of n-3 Fatty Acids on Liver Damage

According to scientists, there is growing evidence to suggest that n-3 fatty acids that contain lipid emulsions can have a notable beneficial influence on PNALD or parenteral-nutrition-associated-liver-disease. The actual cellular and molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the effect are not yet clear. The purpose of the study was to see if Omegaven fish oil (FO) emulsion could actually inhibit LPS or lipopolysaccharidase mediated liver damage

The results were varied and interesting.  The scientists concluded that Omegaven™ could be helpful in patients with PNAC. This is because of its capability to reverse LPS-mediated inhibition of antioxidant promoting PON1 expression. , This activity may also be in part mediated, they suggest, by what's known as the ERK1/2 pathway.


Molecular impact of omega 3 fatty acids on lipopolysaccharide-mediated liver damage.
Ventro G, Chen M, Yang Y, Harmon CM.

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