Krill Oil Helps with Weight Loss – True or False?

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The theory goes something like this: Omega-3s found in krill oil (KO) are more effectual than fish oil (FO) at combating weight loss. How it works is by improving your glucose metabolism. The oil is also able to regulate blood sugar. When this happens people are much less likely to overeat. Furthermore, KO assists muscle repair and the consequence of that is being able to perform more intense workouts. These are the theories at the time of writing.

The video below shares a few testimonials of people. They talk about Krill oil's effect on weight loss among other benefits of this popular supplement.

The Unique Phospholipid Structure of KO

Studies also show that krill oil has a unique phospholipid structure. These phospholipids are important molecules which provide protection and structure to cells. KO has the extra benefit of increasing fat-burning in mitochondria. At the same time it reduces new glucose production in the liver. It's all a bit technical and the science is not yet conclusive. So far evidence suggests that krill oil is helpful for weight loss and weight management.

Case Study (Lab Rats)

A study using lab rats showed that krill oil reduced heart fat levels in the animals by 42 percent. The same diet using fish oil showed a reduction on heart fat levels of just two percent.  As for the liver, there was a 60 percent reduction overall for the KO and 38 percent for FO. This is an important finding because fat buildup in the liver is what can progress toward insulin insensitivity. The consequence of that can cause type-2 diabetes in some people.

Nutrition and Balance Matters

Everyone knows that nutrition matters yet not everyone eats a well-balanced diet on a regular basis. Because of this, we (entire nations) have gotten bigger and slower as a result. Whenever the body is deprived of nutrition and balance in the diet, the metabolic rate slows down. When that occurs, it becomes harder to burn calories. It's important to understand the following point:

Weight gain is a symptom of omega-3 deficiency.

There will be a high percentage of people reading here who have very little omega-3 in their system and far too much omega-6. Not only does this “imbalance” cause all kinds of long-term health problems, it also interferes with weight loss and management. The best way to redress this is:

  • Reduce omega-6s (cut out processed foods and stop using vegetable oils)
  • Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids (look to Krill oil supplements)

Final word: Research is ongoing and to date there is less conclusive exploration on krill oil than fish oil. Even so, the findings on the true benefits of KO so far look promising, and this includes KO for assisting with weight loss.

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