Fish-Oil Lipid Emulsion Use in Children With IFALD

FOLE or fish oil (FO) lipid emulsion and multi-disciplinary care for babies and very young children has been connected with a reduction in mortality and morbidity caused by IFALD or IF-associated liver disease.  With an increase in survival rate, a larger number of infants suffering with IF can now stay on intravenous feeding, or parenteral nutrition (PN), in the longer term. Scientists wanted to examine results and consequences in infants with IF-associated liver disease who have needed longer term FOLE and PN therapy because of chronic (long lasting) IF.

A review of future expectations gathered data for children suffering with IF-associated liver disease. This was for those who needed a minimum of three years of parenteral nutrition and fish oil lipid emulsion therapy because of chronic IF. Results examined include the occurrence of death, transplantation and EFAD, or Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency. Also looked at were growth factors along with biochemical indications of liver disease.

The Results

  • Patients with IFALD studied: 215
  • Study duration: 2004-2015
  • Required FOLE and PN therapy for minimum three years: 30
  • Patients died (to date): 0
  • Required transplantation: 0
  • Developed EFAD: 0
  • Weight-for age: Improved
  • Length-for-age: Improved

Other results included the biochemical markers of liver disease. These normalized within that first year of the therapy. Furthermore, there were no long term recurrent elevations. Parenteral nutrition PN dependency declined within that first year of the therapy. There was also evidence of a stable rate of growth in the longer term.

The researchers concluded the following positive results:

Children with IF-associated liver disease (IFALD) who needed long-term parenteral nutrition (PN) and fish oil lipid emulsion (FOLE) for chronic IF had:

  • No mortality
  • No need for transplantation,
  • No EFAD
  • No recurrence of liver disease in the long term,

These findings allowed for continued intestinal recuperation and rehabilitation.


Long-Term Fish Oil Lipid Emulsion Use in Children with Intestinal Failure-Associated Liver Disease.

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