The Anti-Ageing Potential of Krill Oil

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We're all looking for that “next best product” when it comes to anti-ageing solutions, but here's the thing: it might have been right under our noses all along. Best of all is that it's a product of nature and not something concocted in a lab. That product is krill oil (KO) of course, and it's something that's got the whole world talking. The two most important components of krill oil are:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids (similar to those found in fish oil (FO))
  2. Phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFA)

Think Inside Out

As we age we spend so much time putting creams, lotions and potions onto the skin. We do this in an attempt to keep the skin looking good and to slow down the visible signs of aging. Applying topical solutions to skin is all well and good, but real healthy skin comes from the inside out. One of the best things anyone can do to keep their skin looking radiant and more youthful is to stay hydrated at all times. Krill oil also helps to take care of the skin from the inside out. It can do this because it's effective at repairing aging cells, much better than other antioxidants.

A Word of Caution

Perhaps the leading cause of premature aging right now is an increase in insulin and leptin receptor resistance. Lifestyle can also have an impact on how a person ages, as can state of mind. It's important to point out that although we are all human we don't all react in the same way when we consume foods, beverages or substances. There are just so many other factors that can come into play. The only way to find out whether Krill oil supplementation or krill powder helps improve the visible signs of aging with you is to try it out. Even if it doesn't work as an anti-ageing solution, there are still plenty of other health benefits to be had from krill supplementation.

Further Reading

The scientific report below looks at the link between nutrition and skin aging.

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