Krill Oil and the Cholesterol Issue

Krill oil supplementation can help to lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels in some people. More research is necessary but early trials are reassuring.

Fish and Krill Oil Side Effects

medical side effect sign illustration design over a white background

Are there any known side effects of fish oil or krill oil? This article looks at the research.

The Saturated fat & Cholesterol Myth

Cured Bacon Stack Selective Focus with Shallow deth of field, Smoked and Preserved Pork Meat is Considered a Delicacy Food in Some Cultures.

Most people would agree that saturated fats are unhealthy and lead to heart disease, because that is what doctors and governments have told us for decades. So why are heart disease and other chronic illnesses reaching epidemic proportions? Have doctors got it wrong? Have we inadvertently been eating an unhealthy, dangerous diet all this time? Read on to find out.