Why Krill Oil is better than Fish Oil

In this video, Dr. Mercola talks about essential fats.  These are fats that our bodies cannot make, and therefore need to be included in the diet.  In particular, Dr. Mercola emphasizes the health benefits of taking a krill oil supplement.


My thoughts?

The video provides a huge amount of useful information.  Here are the points that stuck out for me as I reviewed the video:

  1. Omega-3 are essential fats that are required for health, but need to be included in the diet as the body cannot make it.
  2. Omega-3 fats come in two forms in our diet – those from plants and those from animals. These are NOT the same thing.
  3. Plant omega-3 can be obtained from flaxseeds or chia seeds.
  4. Avoid processed oils as a source for omega-3 because it is easily oxidized and damaged (goes rancid).
  5. You need to get some of your omega-3 from animals as well.  Omega-3 fats from plants are not sufficient.
  6. Animal based fats contain EPA and DHA.  Your body can convert EPA to DHA but the enzyme that does that drops off as we get older.  Anyone with insulin issues will also have problems with the conversion.
  7. Animal sources for omega-3 primarily come from fish and seafood, BUT, a lot of the oceans are contaminated with mercury and other industrial pollutants.
  8. Supplemental forms of omega-3 fats is a good option.  These can be fish oil or krill oil.  If you are using fish oil, you need make sure it is contaminant-free.
  9. Krill oil is a superior to fish oil for a number of reasons.
  10. Krill is sustainable, fish is not so much.  Krill has the largest biomass in the world and projections suggest that we could harvest krill for centuries without depleting stocks.
  11. Omega-3 is attached to a phospholipid so is more readily absorbed.  Therefore you need far less krill oil compared to fish oil.   You also don't usually get the belching.
  12. Omega-3 oil contains astaxanthin (powerful antioxidant) which prevents the oil going rancid, therefore is more stable as krill oil.
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