Fish Oil Improves Intestinal Barrier Function

Scientist hypothesized that fish oil could have an effect on intestinal barrier function and CRH/CRHR signaling pathways. A test included 32 weaned pigs to one of four treatments. The experiment consisted of a 2×2 factorial design (experiments that include multiple categorical independent variables and a continuous variable). The main aspects included immunological challenge (the study of an organism's defense (immune) system, in disease and health). The diet in the trial was five percent maize oil or five percent fish oil. On day 19 of the trial the piglets were treated with saline or LPS. Four hours after injection the pigs were all dead. The scientists then collected all the mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN), spleen, liver and intestinal samples.

The conclusion of this test suggested that fish oil supplementation improves intestinal barrier function. Furthermore, it also inhibits CRH/CRHR1 signalling pathway and mast cell tissue density.


Fish oil enhances intestinal barrier function and inhibits corticotropin-releasing hormone/corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1 signalling pathway in weaned pigs after lipopolysaccharide challenge.

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