Fish Oil, Folic Acid Research for Vascular Changes

Fluoxetine (FLX) is a common antidepressant that doctors the world over prescribes to treat depression. In this study, researchers wanted to test the drug outside of pregnancy to see the effects of a combination of FLX with FO (fish oil) and also FA (folic acid).  This combination is thought to improve the therapeutic activity while at the same time lessen the side-effects of the antidepressant drug.

During pregnancy, doctors have used both fish oil and folic acid to promote fetal growth, and decrease the risk of post-pregnancy and gestational depression in the expectant mother. Scientists wanted to evaluate whether maternal exposure during pregnancy (and also lactation) to fluoxetine (associated with fish oil or folic acid) would stop any anti-depressant side-effects in NOx (nitric oxide metabolites) plasmatic levels and aorta reactivity.

They aim of the study was to also get a better understanding in the following three areas:

  • Female offspring
  • Vascular effects of intrauterine
  • Lactation exposure to fish oil and folic acid monotherapy

For a more detailed abstract you can follow the resource link below where that covers the main methods used in the research, the key findings and the significance of this research.


Does fish oil or folic acid prevent vascular changes in female progeny caused by maternal exposure to fluoxetine?

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