Why Choline in Krill Oil Matters so Much

Choline is what we call an “essential” nutrient. Essential nutrients are those which your body needs, but it can't make them, or enough of them, on its own. That means we have to get them from our diet or via supplements. Krill oil contains choline.  It is a water soluble nutrient, similar to the range of B vitamins. It's important for the following reasons:

  • Maintaining liver function
  • Supporting healthy metabolism
  • Muscle movements
  • Natural brain development
  • Nerve function
  • Upholding energy levels

In this short video, Dr. Maggie Luther talks on the benefits of choline.

There really are so many health benefits from this essential macronutrient; too many to cover in this summary. Here we will just highlight choline's main points so that you get to understand why it's so important.  Choline transports lipids (fats) around your body, including cholesterol. Contrary to the scaremongering that's been going on in recent years, we actually need cholesterol. We need it to the point that we couldn't survive without it. It really is essential for the normal functioning of your bodily systems.

Choline and Women's Health

Choline plays a special role in women's health, especially during pregnancy. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say that infant formula (not made from cow's milk) has to include choline. It's also necessary for the normal development of human memory. A lack of choline in the system can contribute to anxiety and perhaps depression too, though more research needs doing on the latter.

What the Science Says

The scientific study below looked at the association between Choline, anxiety and depression.

Choline in anxiety and depression: the Hordaland Health Study.

Bjelland I, Tell GS, Vollset SE, Konstantinova S, Ueland PM.

Summing Up

There are so many health benefits from krill oil supplements; choline is just one of many. What's even better is that scientists think there's a lot more to learn about krill oil.  It is certainly a powerful, extremely nutritious blend of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, and choline.

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